Thursday, September 15, 2016

Original Oil Painting: Low Tide

Low Tide

14" x 18"
Painted on stretch canvas.

 I used a photo from Jim Humphrey on PaintMyPhoto. He called his photo Staithes Beck 1. I posted the photo below. I made a few changes : I flipped the image because I like my focal point on the left side. I added several seagulls which seems appropriate when painting boats and adds to the whimsical aspect of the painting. I also changed my original title: Waiting to Low Tide thanks to my Facebook friends and Paint On friends!

 This painting was quite a challenge because the photo was too bright on the right side so I used my imagination quite a bit on that part of the painting. Shadows in photographs can look flat and darker than in real life, too.  I have painted outdoors before so I made allowances for these things but found that in Jim's photo there was enough info. to draw from in the shadows which helped a lot.  Hope you like my painting and please feel free to check out my online gallery by clicking on the DailyPaintWorks icon. 

Thanks Jim for the wonderful photo!

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