Sunday, September 25, 2016

Original Oil Painting Rose #1

Cream Rose


8" x 10" 
Painted on gessobord.

Original Oil Painting Golden Harbor

Golden Harbor

12" x 12"
Painted on gessobord.

I decided what was bothering me about this painting so I re-worked it. There was not enough contrast and the golden light was not on everything. The first version looked too illustrative and story telling. It was not my goal originally. I wanted to add a glow that I see when the sun is near the horizon and I felt I missed my goal. The changes I made helped a lot to convey what was in my mind. I re-posted the first version below titled: Going Fishing. I think you can see the changes and understand why I  re-titled the painting: Golden Harbor. This title captures my main goal I was after.  I hope viewers like the changes. Thanks for viewing this painting again.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Original Oil Painting Going Fishing!

Going Fishing!

12" x 12"
Painted on gessobord.

I used a reference photo from Margaret Buttye. Changing the composition to a square from a rectangle was a challenge enough but than I decided to change the lighting, too! I was walking one day and I noticed how the sun affects objects when it is close to the horizon. Everything's highlight would take on a yellow orange tint. I could not resist playing with this idea so I incorporated it in. Hope it doesn't look too imaginary but if it does maybe that is not so bad? I am hoping to do another painting of this on a larger size and rectangle. It is such an outstanding photo. Thanks Margaret for posting it on PaintMyPhoto!

This is Margaret's photo posted below.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Original Oil Painting: Low Tide

Low Tide

14" x 18"
Painted on stretch canvas.

 I used a photo from Jim Humphrey on PaintMyPhoto. He called his photo Staithes Beck 1. I posted the photo below. I made a few changes : I flipped the image because I like my focal point on the left side. I added several seagulls which seems appropriate when painting boats and adds to the whimsical aspect of the painting. I also changed my original title: Waiting to Low Tide thanks to my Facebook friends and Paint On friends!

 This painting was quite a challenge because the photo was too bright on the right side so I used my imagination quite a bit on that part of the painting. Shadows in photographs can look flat and darker than in real life, too.  I have painted outdoors before so I made allowances for these things but found that in Jim's photo there was enough info. to draw from in the shadows which helped a lot.  Hope you like my painting and please feel free to check out my online gallery by clicking on the DailyPaintWorks icon. 

Thanks Jim for the wonderful photo!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Original Oil Painting Sparkle

Nature's Sparkle

12" x 12"
Painted on gessobord.

My main goal in this painting was to make it sparkle. I used a reference photo from Valerie Bassell of Sacket Brook, I posted it below. I love the strong white light on the water and large rocks. I thought it might be too intense so I added small hints of light on the tree above and the right bottom foreground. I also intensify the water color to draw your eye to follow it as it falls off the edge to the water below. This was a little harder than most landscapes I have done but I feel it was well worth it. I know how much our eyes follow light and that is so important to create a nice flow in the painting. This was great practice for that. Thanks Valerie for the inspirational photo!