Friday, February 19, 2016

Original Oil Painting Creamer with Fruit

Creamer with Fruit


12" x 12"
Painted on gessobord.

I painted this from a still life that I put together. I wanted a warm harmony but found that the objects I was viewing were not all warm. The white creamer and plate were a cooler white. I added yellow ochre and lemon yellow to the white areas to warm them up. I tried to change the petals to a darker green but then they blended with the green leaves in the background. I knew if I tried yellow green or brown petals I would run into the same problem. So I compromised and use a combination of blue with yellow green accents. The blue tints here and there are a discord to my warm harmony but they also make the warms they are next to pop. I posted a photo of the still life I was working from. I hope you can understand my struggle. 

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