Sunday, September 20, 2015

Original Oil Painting Eggs in Glass Bowl

Eggs in Glass Bowl


12" x 12"
Paint on gessobord.

My friend, Mary gave me this lovely glass bowl. So with a little trail and error I came up with this composition. The complexity of the cut glass design was quite a challenge but it worked so well with the simplicity of the eggs and knife I decided to go with it. So with lots of patience, many breaks and luck the bowl turned out. Painting something like this fractured glass design can make your eyes go dizzy so I took one section at a time, one dab of color at a time. I hope you can see all the work I put into this painting and hopefully I captured the sparkling bowl for my viewers. Thanks for taking a look and leave a comment if you would like.  


  1. Dear Donna Munsch,

    My name is Maria Stella. I am a gallery representative, working with Agora Gallery, which is located in Chelsea, the art district of New York City.

    May I send you some information about the gallery and promotional services which may be of interest to you?

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    Maria Stella
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  2. I sent you a reply. Hope you get it. Thanks for the email.

  3. I love the texture of the bowl and eggs.Such elegant simplicity!