Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Original Oil Painting Begonia

Begonias in final stages.

This is a begonia study I am doing for my class. The objective is to make the background more abstract. I will see how it looks tomorrow and add any final changes. I know the center top background color will be darken and probably have some other colors to it. It is just too annoying. I am also thinking the green is too dense, some holes might be added to give it more an airy feel. So far the flowers are ok except the two bottom ones look like twins. These are the things I look at when I am finishing up. It is a process, when you change one thing it can make you want to change another. Please check back tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks for viewing. 


9" x 12"
Painted on gessobord. 

This is the final. I hope you can see the changes. Some of the leafs are lighter and not as heavy. I introduced blue washes and nuggets of blue to open up the the middle more. Soften and lighten all around the edges of the painting to keep the viewers' eyes  from leaving. Added final details to the center of focus (clusters of flowers in the middle) making them cleaner and brighter. After all that the blue top background only needed a little tweaking and the painting came alive!

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