Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Original Oil Painting Tapestry Still Life

Tapestry Still Life


12" x 12"
Painted on gessobord.

The only thing I can think to tell people is: "This was hard!"
I took a simple still life of a pear, red grapes and pitcher and complicated it by adding a tapestry. 
Am I nuts or was it worth it? 

I have taken several online courses. Currently I am taking Richard Robinson's still live lessons. I downloaded four lessons. This still life is from one of his photos. I posted it below. I have been very fortunate to find some good dvd/ online classes. Dan Edmundson was totally worth every penny and now I feel the same way about Richard Robinson's instruction videos. Thanks Dan and Richard for all the helpful tools! If you are an artist taking online courses and would like to recommend one please leave a comment. I am always looking and learning. 

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