Saturday, November 21, 2015

Original Oil Painting Rose Blossoms

Rose Blossoms

16" x 20"
Painted on linen panel. 

I painted this using a combination of photos. One for the vase and another for everything else. Of course there are little ideas of my own all over the place.  I made the bowl the flowers are lying in silver, to reflect the colors around it. The ties hanging off the pot help pull the viewers eye in. The background which I did first was a bit of a challenge. I wanted it to use all the colors I plan to use in the painting put making them a darker shade to help them recede. The pattern I painted as if it was on a shear transparent fabric, something elegant to go with the roses. Now the roses are more like bush roses. Those I stuck mostly to the photo reference but just push the color contrast more. I was going for a warm, elegant, look. 

Thanks for viewing my painting.

This is what it looks like framed.

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