Sunday, March 15, 2015

Original Oil Painting Pink African Violet

Blue Bird of Happiness

12" x 12"


With all the warm weather this week I thought a new plant was in order. So I went to Stein's and bought this wonderful pink African violet. I added the glass blue bird of happiness because (you guessed it) I am so happy to get a break from the winter cold. There is such a contrast between the blue bird and everything else but I like the tension. 

Yes, I did change the title a month later to Blue Bird of Happiness instead of Pink African Violets. I have no idea why other than I kept thinking of it as the painting with the blue glass bird in it.

Here are some process pics.

 I first start lightly sketching things in.

 I usually start with the background when mapping colors in.

This is what it looks like with colors mapped in. 

 After I mapped in the subjects I noticed the foreground need some details. I used a Q-tip and marked a place for a leaf and fallen flower. Then I started painting the details in the flowers.
I continue with leaves and glass bird next. After looking at it I decided the table color was wrong. Next morning I tried something lighter which gives the composition more contrast. Since the right side looked unbalance I added another flower in the background. This time I added a long stem and bud.


  1. Love the colors in this. Thanks for sharing your process.

  2. You are welcome, thanks for leaving a comment!