Thursday, November 10, 2016

Original Oil Painting Reaching the Shelter

Reaching the Shelter

9" x 12"
Painted on gessobord.

When I first posted this painting it was the small photo below. The tree branches needed adjusting especially the strong white curved line leading the viewer's eye out of the composition. I also needed a better photo. The photo below was too bright or washed out. At first I thought it was my computer screen but when I saw it on my iPad too, I knew it was the lighting in which I took the photo. The sun is much lower in the sky and shines into the studio room like a search light later in the day.  Today's photo on top is much better. I took the photo this morning vs late afternoon the day before.  I fixed the crazy branches and got a much better photo to represent the painting. I probably should not of posted as soon as the painting was finished for the day. It did give me the chance to explain the process of photographing and remind me that viewing the painting on a screen or seeing the painting in  reverse through a mirror can give the artist a fresh look. That way the artist might see mistakes he or she made and fix them.

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