Sunday, July 19, 2015

Original Oil painting Pathway by River

Pathway by River

12" x 12"
Painted on gessobord. 
I am really mixing up my subject matter this month. I painted flowers, landscapes and birds. I wonder what I should paint next. I like to mix things up a bit to see if I can incorporate different techniques into different subject matters. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. In this painting I used white wash to push back the farthest horizon line and quite down parts in the river. I did not flick edges in this as I do try in my still lifes and animals. I am not sure why other than I am not sure where to use it.  When I get close to finishing a painting it is more important the brush strokes, thickness of paint and color that are interesting. Subject matter is just the theme in which I paint lovely lines, shapes and paint. Paint the Paint, did I just say that? Maybe I am finally learning something new.

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