Friday, April 3, 2015

Original Oil Painting Franklin's Sunflowers

Franklin's Sunflowers
16" x 12"
Painted on a box frame. The edge is painted and it is 3/4" thick.

I painted this using a photo from Francis Klinkemallie. He is a popular photographer and artist on the Paint My Photo website better known by Franklin. Unfortunately he passed away this last February and PMP has a challenge going on now to honor Franklin. I have painted from Franklin's photos before, "Street Musicians" from Praque naming one. His photographs are amazing. Franklin solves a lot of the composition problems for you which I greatly appreciate. When I painted from his sunflower photo it was if the painting just fell together. I love the strong light and shadows I saw. His generosity will always be felt for many years as other artist will definitely be using his wonderful photo references.

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