Sunday, March 23, 2014

Original Oil Painting South Park Oshkosh Wisconsin

South Park Oshkosh Wisconsin

16" x 20"
Painted on stretch canvas on a wooden frame.

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  1. This is painted from a personal photo I took on the way to my Dad's. The photo was taken in South Park, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. My father is 91 years young and needed some special help this month. So I have not been able to paint much but painting was always on my mind. On the way to help my father I noticed how nice the park looked on a specially, warm, sunny, March day. The water was thawing, the snow melting and everything was bathed in sunlight. As luck would have it, my camera was in the car. This was painted from the photo I took that day. The painting is done on a oil primed, linen panel, 1/4" thick.