Friday, December 6, 2013

Original Oil Painting Sunny Lagoon

Sunny Lagoon



  1. This oil painting was painted on a gesso board that has a 1" side. I painted the edge so you could display it framed or unframed. The composition has a circular flow, where the edges of the composition frames a circle around the lagoon in the center. Even the clouds curve to help hold the viewer's eyes in the frame.

  2. Hi Donna, I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your art is. I just love stopping by to look at it. I am taking Daniel Edmundson's classes at this time and am enjoying the process. Wishing you a great day, Angela

  3. Thanks Angelina, which class are you taking? If you have a blog please leave the address, I would love to see your paintings. Enjoy painting, having fun is what it is all about. Donna

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